The moraes-barbosa collection (cmb) is a platform for promoting and safeguarding contemporary and historical artistic productions with a focus on experimental and conceptual work in different supports and media. Begun in 1999, the initial collection centered on concrete Brazilian art, expanding to national and international contemporary art, and broadened to a curatorial approach to conceptual art, often characterized by immateriality and ephemerality.

The list of events promoted by the cmb are: the expansion and maintenance of the collection of works and archive, the creation of exhibits, artistic residencies (national and international exchange), support for research projects, the commissioning of texts, the edition of publications, and research grants.

The consolidation of cmb’s interest is marked by the approach in 2012 of the Italian critic and curator based in Brazil Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, a partnership that culminated in the establishment of certain research fronts that came to define the collection's focus: conceptual art, performance recordings, independent publications, artist’s books, visual and sound poetry, experimental music, and video.

In 2012, the collection also began affiliating with the Delfina Foundation's artist residency program in London. Since then, the collection has provided backing and support so that annually at least one Brazilian artist participates in the institution's program.

The collection also maintains a residency program in São Paulo, receiving more than 25 international artists in recent years.

In November 2021 cmb inaugurated its new space in Consolação neighborhood in São Paulo as another tool to foster and support artistic production. Digitally, cmb's Instagram account and website offer content related to materials and projects in development

How to search the archive

The collection's archive has an extensive volume of books, records, videos, magazines, ephemera, and various graphic materials from different periods. Due to present limitations imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face visits have been limited. We will soon bring new contact information.

Contact us by email in order to research the collection


Currently, the cmb staff consists of Camila Bigliani, Karol Pinto, and Pontogor.