Curated by Camilo Godoy

Reté is the word ‘body’ in Tupi language. The Tupi lived in present-day São Paulo before Portuguese colonization. As part of SP-Arte, artist Camilo Godoy presents an exhibition that brings together materials from coleção moraes-barbosa. Through this project, Godoy addresses the representation of the human body in dance and performance.

Combining photographs and ephemera, the exhibition presents modern and postmodern dance materials with performance art to create a history of practices that transformed understandings of choreography.

The project is accompanied by a forthcoming artist publication consisting of interviews, photographs, and texts that include Jonathas de Andrade, Nicanor Aráoz with Veronica Flom, Tania Bruguera, Trajal Harrell, Patricia Hoffbauer with Yvonne Rainer,
Brendan Mahoney, Carlos Martiel with Vivian Crockett, Carlos Motta, and Jorge Sánchez. A solo performance by Camilo Godoy will take place at coleção moraes-barbosa. A solo performance by Trajal Harrell will take place at Casa do Povo.

ARTISTAS: Eleanor Antin, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Bruce Conner, Merce Cunningham, Simone Forti, Martha Graham, Anna Halprin, Trajal Harrell, Heresies, Doris Humphrey, Joan Jonas, Doan Ket, Lorraine O’Grady, Dennis Oppenheim, Steve Paxton, Stephen Petronio, Yvonne Rainer, Charlotte Trowbridge, Paul Valéry, Charles Weidman