The pitch most people prefer
for the female voice is
about A flat below middle C

4 videos by Leslie Thornton

Cris Ambrosio, Deyson Gilbert, Frederico Fillippi and Pontogor

opening july 9th
up until august 27th
wednesdays to fridays: from 1pm to 19pm 
saturdays: from 11am to 19pm 

free admission


travessa dona paula, 120
são paulo - sp

A warp of voices, images, overlapping accounts and descriptions, ethical crossroads and scientific meditations appear in the production of American artist Leslie Thornton since its beginnings in the 1970s. This exhibition, whose title comes from the first film in the 'Peggy and Fred in Hell', covers works from different moments in Thornton's career and focuses on the experimental ‘There was an Unseen Cloud Moving’ (1988). In this film, the figure of the independent traveler, nomad converted to Islam, Swiss poet and novelist Isabelle Eberhardt is reconstituted through a collage of representations in which fragments on a collision course merge, and the truth of facts is submitted to the fluid desert of indefinement. In this complex fabric of speeches, silences and overlaps, conflicts of identity, gender and power reverberate, linked to the contradictory performance of discourses and images.

X-TRACTS (1975)

In collaboration with Desmond Horsfield
16mm film transferred to video, 9 minutes.

Peggy and Fred in Hell : The Prologue (1985)

16mm film transferred to video,
black and white, sound, 21 min.
Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

There Was an Unseen Cloud Moving (1988)

b&w and color, sound, 62 minutes.
Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

Cut From Liquid To Snake (2018)

26’HD video, black and white, color, sound, loop,
26 min.