Possession State: notes for an aesthetic of torture

Cris Ambrosio & Deyson Gilbert (org.)

the exhibition has been extended to 16 April 2022
Wednesday to Friday, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturdays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

free admission

travessa dona paula, 120
são paulo - sp

[versão em português]
for a definition of the concept of possession:

In a strict sense, ideological drama established in the field of conscience by the conflict of one or more entities that claim, all at once, control over the same countenance. In a dilated form, a crossroaded category: a spiritual path of beings butchered by the historical and political blades of the territories, bodies, and symbols (demonology of weights, wills and the owned). In a direct puncture: misalliance and fractured conciliation between images, things, and inclinations. In essence: the exorcism of the eyes against the sweat of the hands and the drool of the assholes.


1. Act or effect of possessing or being possessed / act or effect of owning (something) for oneself, of having (anything) e being able to take advantage, pleasure, ownership.

2. Act or effect of owning or taking control over something; possession of conquered land.

3. Something that is owned, occupies, or controls what is possessed. 3.1. Region, territory, country under colonial domination of a state; colony, dominium.

4. Condition or state in which someone is dominated by something (such as a passion, a project, an obsession).

5. Assumption (ascension of a hierarchical position or honorary superior) of, or manifestation (of a spiritual being) on the body and/or spirit of a person. 5.1. Condition or state of one that feels inhabited or manhandled by a supernatural entity.

USAGE: the employment of the word possession in the sense of "land under colonial domination" was modernly supplanted by other denominations connected to new kinds of political-economic relations between dominant States and areas under its authority or protection.

ETIM (Latin): possessio, onis. (Possession, ownership, fruition, property)

For a brief history of art:

First, at the plain of gesture, the order of the fist: the realm of the hand, labor, and pain. Later, at the abyss of the plane, the distant order of the eye: the realm of image, calculation, and echo. Last, at the empire of leather and nets, the order of the saliva, breath, and code: the realm of the mouth, contracts and digits.

Ad Reinhardt
André Le Blanc
Alessandro Costa
Alphonse Laurencic
Antonio Dias
Ben Vautier
Carlos Leppe
Cildo Meireles
Clara Ianni
Clemente Padín
Dennis Oppenheim
Décio Pignatari
Eliphas Levi
Giulio Paolini
Glauco Mattoso
Gustave Doré
Hito Steyerl
Iman Issa
Iole de Freitas
João Cabral de Melo Neto
Kathleen Haven
Leo Correa
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Lygia Clark
Marcel Broodthaers
Marcel Duchamp
Millôr Fernandes
Monique Wittig
Neide Dias de Sá
Nikolai Andreiev
Reinaldo Moraes
Robert Barry
Sarah Rapson
Stanislas de Guaita
Stanley Brouwn
Teresinka Pereira
Timm Ulrichs
Tony Cokes
Vito Acconci
Wlademir Dias-Pino

Photos by Ding Musa